Network & IP Services

We Got Connections – For You
A cross connection is not just a cable but a critical link to the DRFortress community of interest network consisting of carriers, ISPs, content providers, community and business exchanges.

By leveraging this versatile peering and cross-connect platform for data center interconnection, DRFortress customers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • high-performance network reliability and redundancy
  • flexibility and choice for improved network optimization
  • higher quality of service and low latency
  • accelerated time to market via direct connections
Cross Connection Services

DRFortress maintains and manages a structured cabling system to support all the cross-connects between the carriers, ISPs, content providers and enterprise customers.

The DRFortress data center infrastructure consists of integrated structured copper and optical cable cross-connect systems that support DS-0 to OC-192 speeds with a variety of physical interfaces and can accommodate future standards. Fiber guides and cable ladders are installed to simplify the routing/management of the cables, to protect the cables from hanging stress, and to shield against EMI/RFI.

DRFortress can offer its customers the ability to connect with another customer using almost any commercial type of cabling standards and protocols that are available in the marketplace, letting the customers decide which solution is optimal between each other.

The following cross connection services are available:

  • Customizable, secure cable management design
  • Multiple copper-based media available: Cat5e, Cat6 and COAX
  • Multiple fiber-based media available: Multi-mode and Single-mode with SC and ST connectors
  • Media converter solutions
  • Diverse media support for T1/E1, DS3/E3, SONET, 10/100/GigE/10GigE and DWDM