Be Enabled With DRFxchange

By enabling data to bypass intermediary networks, the DRFxchange service provides enhanced end-to-end network performance, along with speed and reliability. Clients can connect to others within DRFortress’ data center over fast and cost effective cross-connections.

Peering provides clients the ability to trade network traffic with a peering partner without having to leave the data center, which eliminates the need for costly terrestrial and under-sea transit services (a unique problem in Hawaii) while significantly decreasing latency.

DRFxchange is the only commercial exchange in the state and allows participants to send traffic to any other participant.  Simply stated, DRFortress keeps local Internet traffic in Hawaii instead of going to the mainland and back for a large portion of Internet-based communication.

DRFortress deploys a fully redundant peering exchange LAN infrastructure. The peering exchange LAN infrastructure supports port-based VLAN on all types of Ethernet interfaces.  VLANs allow clients to establish private Layer-2 connectivity among their own equipment or with other Peering Exchange clients terminating on the same LAN infrastructure.

The advantages of the direct interconnection/peering are numerous, but some primary reasons include costs, latency, and bandwidth resources. The benefits of DRFxchange services include:


  • Improved performance – DRFxchange improves network performance by reducing network hops. Network service providers (such as ISPs, carriers, and broadband networks) as well as content, e-commerce and enterprise companies delivering video, gaming or other applications use peering relationships to achieve network efficiency and to provide their clients with the best possible Internet experience.
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLA) – DRFxchange offers clients high availability commercial grade Internet exchange services supported and backed by stringent SLA’s and fault management procedures.
  • Client established Bi-lateral and Multi-lateral Peering Agreements – All clients will be encouraged to participate in the DRFortress brokered Multi-Lateral Peering Agreement (MLPA).  The MLPA facilitates the automatic exchange of traffic among all participants.  Clients who elect to opt out of the MLPA may establish Bi-lateral Peering Agreements separately.