DRFxchange – Hawaii’s Premier Internet Exchange

Why Are Internet Exchanges important?

An Internet Exchange provides a way for customers to quickly and easily exchange IP traffic.

Here’s how it works.

When we use the Internet, we connect two networks to access data. It’s called public peering and is a critical component of cloud storage. Peering relies on Internet Exchanges, like, DRFxchange, to operate and deliver content around the world.

Peering, or direct connection, allows customers to trade network traffic with a peering partner without having to leave the data center. This eliminates the need for costly terrestrial and under-sea transit services (a unique problem in Hawaii) while significantly decreasing latency.

Our Internet Exchange here at DRFortress is called DRFxchange. It reduces the need for a third-party network to support your data retrieval requests. This lowers the risk for a potential traffic bottleneck, which would slow down reaction time to requests and costs.

The DRFxchange – Hawaii’s #1 Internet Exchange

Our Internet Exchange, DRFxchange, provides low-cost, high-quality peering access for enterprises, content providers, cloud computing companies, and Internet-focused businesses.

DRFxchange is the largest commercial Internet Exchange in the state of Hawaii and it allows customers to maintain control of their business by choosing how they route traffic. Simply stated, DRFortress keeps local Internet traffic in Hawaii instead of going to the mainland.

With our Internet Exchange offering, data bypasses go-between networks, providing enhanced end-to-end network performance with speed and reliability. Customers can connect to others within DRFortress’ data center over fast and cost-effective cross-connections.

DRFortress deploys a fully redundant peering exchange LAN infrastructure. The peering exchange LAN infrastructure supports port-based VLAN on all types of Ethernet interfaces. VLANs allow customers to establish private Layer-2 connectivity with their equipment or with other Peering Exchange customers terminating on the same LAN internet infrastructure.

DRFxchange is especially beneficial for local and small businesses, universities, and other organizations because the majority of their traffic is local. When you exchange traffic with other local providers at Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), the Internet will become less congested and more efficient. This leads to improved performance on apps and websites. In addition, businesses won’t have to upgrade their internet networks nearly as often.


Internet Exchange
How Can the DRFxchange Internet Exchange Help Your Business?

DRFortress offers several benefits to businesses wanting to expand their reach with improved latency, expanded bandwidth resources — without the extra cost. From our cloud and connectivity services to our best-in-class Internet Exchange, DRFortress is a proven partner for your business.

It’s important to leverage a premier data center, like DRFortress, that provides robust connectivity options. When you are a member of our DRFxchange Internet Exchange, you’ll find unlimited peering possibilities that are easy to run and manage.

The benefits of DRFxchange includes:

  • Reduced cost: When you quickly connect to a host of networks to exchange Internet traffic, expect to see significant cost savings. DRFxchange provides businesses with efficient, cost-efficient network connections, which you won’t find anywhere else in Hawaii.
  • Improved performance – DRFxchange improves network performance by reducing network hops. Network service providers, such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), carriers and broadband networks, as well as content, e-commerce, and enterprise companies delivering video, gaming, or other applications, use peering relationships to achieve network efficiency and to provide their customers with the best possible Internet experience.
  • Disaster recovery/preparedness – DRFxchange keeps your network running so you can focus on your business. We have multiple connection options to terminate or accept IP traffic to protect your business from natural or man-made disasters.
  • Reliable connections: With DRFortress and the DRFxchange, you’re guaranteed to have a stable, reliable network, which is critical for a successful business. Hawaii businesses continue to make DRFortress their number one choice for business connectivity.
  • Easy to manage: Monitoring and managing your Internet traffic has never been easier! We provide streamlined invoices and traffic performance updates.
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLA) – DRFxchange offers customers high availability and commercial-grade Internet Exchange services that are supported and backed by stringent SLA’s and fault management procedures.
  • Client established Bi-lateral and Multilateral Peering Agreements – All customers will be encouraged to participate in the DRFortress brokered Multilateral Peering Agreement (MLPA). The MLPA facilitates the automatic exchange of traffic among all participants. Customers who chose to opt-out of the MLPA may establish Bi-lateral Peering Agreements separately.

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