Internet Exchange & Connectivity

The Internet consists of tens of thousands of networks linked by numerous connections over which data traffic is exchanged to reach its final destination.

To improve connectivity, exchange points have been established to allow bandwidth providers a place to arrange peering relationships and achieve better network efficiency. Participating networks of these exchanges are able to create and manage their own connections with other providers, retaining control over their traffic and increasing network performance while reducing costs.

DRFortress’ data center is a commercial ecosystem consisting of a large community of businesses that offers network connectivity services to both clients within the data center, around Hawaii and beyond. As a carrier-neutral data center, clients buy bandwidth that comes into or out of the DRFortress’ data center from any number of diverse telecommunication providers.

DRFortress offers an Internet exchange peering platform designed to allow participants a simple and cost effective means to exchange network traffic either bilaterally through simple cross connections or multilaterally through DRFxchange services.