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Data Center Solutions That Scale With Your Business Requirements

DRFortress' scalable solutions are designed to provide your business choice and flexibility to expand your footprint, power, connectivity and services as your requirements evolve.

DRFortress offers customizable ¼, ½ and full-sized colocation cabinets. Specifications include:

  • 24”Width x 40”Depth x 84”Height
  • Commercial-grade steel frame with lockable, fully ventilated doors
  • Fitted side panels and locks to ensure security
  • Kinetic tamper resistant combination locks
  • AC and DC power circuits provided with multiple voltages and amperages to meet specific client requirements

DRFortress also offers private cage or suite solutions. Custom cages/suites are provisioned to specifically accommodate unique configurations. Within their cage/suite, clients have the option to install self-provided or standard DRFortress cabinets/racks within a cage/suite area. DRFortress will design a customized power (AC or DC) solution for each cage/suite.

Advantages of DRFortress Data Center Solutions

Clients that colocate their IT infrastructure at DRFortress realize many significant advantages such as:

  • Improved Profitability – Outsourcing the maintenance, operation, and management of these complex facilities enables you to reap the benefits of a world-class infrastructure with little investment of capital and manpower. 
  • Power of Choice – DRFortress is the largest provider of carrier neutral solutions in the State of Hawaii. Colocation clients may choose the network provider(s) best suited for their purposes without having to accept a less than optimal solution offered in the form of an exclusive single provider (the non-neutral data center supplier). Many IT systems integrators and service providers also resell DRFortress’ colocation services. 
  • Critical Mass of Peering Partners – DRFortress is the primary peering point in Hawaii for major wireline and wireless carriers, enterprises, cable companies, and ISPs. The value of a peering point, also known as carrier hotels, increases as the number of clients residing in the data center increases and no other facility in Hawaii comes close to matching the concentration of clients, carriers, and partners at DRFortress.
  • Operational Excellence – DRFortress operates the most advanced commercial colocation facility in Hawaii and has a team with cumulative experience exceeding a century of data center expertise.
  • Focus on your core business – DRFortress handles the physical infrastructure so clients can concentrate on their core competencies and fully leverage their IT resources.
  • Flexibility and Scalability – DRFortress can accommodate a wide range of configurations — from 1/4 and 1/2 cabinet solutions to combined cages that secure hundreds of square feet of space. Clients have the ability to scale without being concerned with infrastructure constraints or costly upgrades.

Learn more about DRFortress' data center specifications or schedule a tour of our facility.

DRFortress Data Center Specifications Brochure