DRFortress Hawaii Data Center Specifications

All Data Centers Are Not Created Equal

-6-The DRFortress world-class data center is located at the Airport Industrial Park in Honolulu. Our innovative data center has been significantly hardened against earthquakes and hurricanes. Our data center specifications are engineered with advanced redundant electrical and cooling systems. This best-of-breed data center design supports dense server and storage environments.

You can rest assured your business is safe with us. The DRFortress facility is well outside the Island’s flood and tsunami evacuation zones. In addition, the data center sits outside the new extended or “extreme” tsunami evacuation zones. We make sure your critical data and systems are well-protected and your business’ IT operations continue without interruption.

The DRFortress data center is the largest and most advanced commercial colocation facility in Hawaii. It is operated by a team of professionals with more than 100 years of combined data center experience.

Our data center is a 65,000 square foot facility that can securely host your servers (virtual or physical) and protect your data. The DRFortress facility can reduce your overall business costs and free up resources for other business initiatives.

We provide the highest level of physical security, infrastructure redundancy, and multiple carriers, with physically diverse fiber paths, all to ensure optimal performance for your business.

At DRFortress we go above and beyond data center specifications standards to power your business, including:

  • Operational Excellence: Carrier Choice. DRFortress is the only provider of carrier-neutral solutions in Hawaii. We offer the unique option to choose the network providers that best meet your needs.
  • Scalability. Outsourcing the operation, security, and maintenance of your data center facilities can save you time, money, and valuable resources. When you leverage DRFortress’ world-class infrastructure with less capital investment, you are able to scale to your changing IT needs.
  • Strategic Flexibility. Data centers must provide a flexible infrastructure that can support simple and quick upgrades and sustain rapid growth in performance. DRFortress can accommodate your needs and help you design a wide range of IT configurations. We are dedicated to helping you scale your IT infrastructure without having to worry about constraints or costly upgrades.
  • Exceptional Reliability. DRFortress’ operational excellence is matched only by its operational reliability. With an average uptime of 99.9996%, you can be assured of highly-available, continuous service for all your IT infrastructure needs.
  • Critical Mass of Peering Partners. DRFortress is the most interconnected facility in Hawaii and the primary peering point for major wireline and wireless carriers, enterprises, content providers, cable companies and lSPs. No other facility between the U.S. Mainland and the Asia-Pacific region comes close to matching the concentration of clients, carriers, and partners as the DRFortress ecosystem.
DRFortress Data Center Specifications


DRFortress is the largest data center in Hawaii. We provide more immediately available space, power, and environmental controls than any other local supplier. Our world-class data center has been serving Hawaii and the Pacific since 2006.

  • 65,000 square foot facility serving Hawaii and the Pacific since 2006
  • 800 racks available for lease
  • Well outside the Island’s flood and tsunami evacuation zones, as well as the new extended or “extreme” tsunami evacuation zones
  • Facility able to withstand CAT 5 hurricane winds (180 windspeed)
  • Meets current earthquake building code specifications (no “grandfathering”) for potential earthquakes


DRFortress creates green, efficient tailored solutions to meet your power needs. We offer AC or DC power feeds with A and B distribution units, private data suites. DRFortress ensures continuous clean power and concurrently maintainable power.

  • Redundant (N+1) electrical infrastructure with power monitoring and management systems
  • Customizable power configurations for private cage/suites
  • 120V, 208V, 208V 3P, 480V 3P and ~48VDC power solutions available
  • 4.2 Megawatts of back-up power with minimum N+1 configuration
  • Fully redundant power systems from generators to power strips (IPS, PDIs, Breaker Panels and CDUs)

Every customer’s server and networking equipment is different. The DRFortress facility is designed with highly efficient cooling systems to support our customers’ needs and their data requirements.

  • Redundant (N+1) mechanical HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) infrastructure design
  • Cooling system capacity to support dense blade and storage environments
  • In-row hot/cold aisle cooling design
  • Advanced temperature and humidity monitoring

Fire Detection
The DRFortress data center is engineered with multiple levels of fire detection and suppression. Our data center design delivers maximum protection of your important business applications.

  • Advanced fire suppression with multi-zone monitoring and management
  • Dry-pipe preaction fire detection system
  • FM200 or VESDA system deployments

The DRFortress facility is built with multi-layered security systems and manned 24 x 7 with security officers to safeguard your valuable IT equipment. Iris recognition, combined with user pin numbers and scramble pads, must all match before users are granted access into the facility.

  • Multi-layer access with biometric access and digital fingerprinting
  • On-site, fully staffed security 24x7x365
  • State-of-the-art monitored CCTV digital video surveillance
  • Secure space options, including dedicated locked cabinets or private cage/suites
  • Real-time customer portal for physical access

Additional Data Center Features
Your valuable IT assets are safeguarded against man-made and natural disasters. Our data center is designed to prevent “single points of failure” that can reduce the availability and uptime of your critical systems. Additional facility features include:

DRFortress is the largest interconnected data center in Hawaii and allows you to choose from multiple telecommunication providers. Your company has access to virtually any service provider in the Hawaii market and internationally.

  • Our data center houses the densest concentration of major IP carriers in Hawaii
  • DRFortress is also the largest commercial Internet Exchange hub in Hawaii
  • DRFortress is the primary peering point in Hawaii for major wireline and wireless carriers, enterprises, cable companies, and ISPs
  • DRFortress’ network-neutral environment offers businesses the unique ability to access multiple carriers and ISPs. Our model delivers cost savings with redundant IT solutions

Learn more about DRFortress peering and connectivity options.

Customer Support
Our team has over a century of cumulative data center experience. Our experts maintain direct management, oversight, and maintenance of our data center infrastructures and systems.

We have complete control over our data center and do not rely on third parties to maintain the facility.

Rely on our onsite customer support specialist and data center operators to handle all of your IT deployment and maintenance needs. Learn more about DRFortress customer support resources.