Hawaii Colocation and IT Sourcing with DRFortress

Data Center Solutions That Scale for Your Business

We understand the challenges IT professionals face, including maintaining flexibility while meeting the IT demands of their business. We know the difficulty managing expenses or current resources when there isn’t a clear projection for future use and demand.

That’s why businesses of all sizes turn to DRFortress to outsource their data center, cloud and IT services. DRFortress is the largest and only carrier neutral data center and cloud marketplace that’s been serving Hawaii and the Pacific since 2006.

Our Hawaii colocation services provide flexibility in your business IT infrastructure. We offer world-class IT stability, reliability, and security offered within our resilient data center. DRFortress stores your equipment in a cabinet located at our secure data center facility. You’ll get a public IP address, bandwidth, and power supplied by the service provider to your server.

Hawaii colocation at our 65,000 sq. ft. data center facility enables businesses to use the space, power and resources they currently need without worrying about future expansion.

Hawaii Colocation with DRFortress Benefits:

  • Host your servers (virtual or physical)
  • Choice of telecommunication interconnectivity options for your network
  • Protect your data
  • Reduce your overall costs (utility, bandwidth, overhead)
  • Improve business performance
  • Enhance flexibility
  • Drive efficiency
  • Free up resources for your core business initiatives
  • Reduce risk for your technology requirements
  • Provide features of a large IT department without the capital investment
  • Expand your infrastructure capacity without costly construction or facility leasing
  • Eliminate businesses costs for building, installing, replacing or maintaining your own data center or dedicated IT room

DRFortress, the most interconnected facility between the U.S. Mainland and the Asia-Pacific, proudly hosts Hawaii’s only commercial Internet exchange (DRFXchange). We provide networks, including carriers, ISPs, content providers, and enterprises an effective and reliable solution to exchange Internet traffic. DRFxchange reduces bandwidth costs, improves latency, and enhances network performance by reducing network hops between multiple locations.

Just how much will IT outsourcing with Hawaii colocation save you? The savings are significant when partnering with DRFortress, Hawaii’s Premier Data Center, Digital Hub, and Hawaii Colocation Provider.

Hawaii Colocation Cost Saving for Your Business

Reduce Physical Space Costs: Free up valuable office space by moving your servers and IT equipment to a high-power density data center like DRFortress. Use only the space you need with Hawaii colocation. Enjoy the flexibility to scale your footprint up or down based on your IT requirements.

Reduce Power and Cooling Costs: Next to the cost of outages, power and cooling is the biggest expense relating to running business IT equipment. A large data center Hawaii colocation provider, such as DRFortress, can deliver dramatic savings in energy costs and efficiencies.

Reduce Network Connectivity Costs: DRFortress allows you to maximize revenues and productivity with Hawaii’s largest set of low latency neutral network carrier options. We make sure your business gets the best offering at the best prices. A new or redundant IP circuit can be set up in the DRFortress facility within hours. The easy deployment uses a simple cross connection to our multi-carrier network solutions.

Reduce Downtime Costs: A leading Hawaii colocation partner, like DRFortress, can provide a proven disaster recovery plan to improve uptime. This is critical at a time when the average cost of downtime is nearly $9,000/minute.

Reduce Cloud Hosting Costs: DRFortress has the largest selection of cloud providers in Hawaii. We help businesses without an existing data management infrastructure, or those simply not wanting to maintain or invest in one. With DRFortress’ cloud marketplace, your company can instantly deploy remote working solutions such as VDI or Cloud Backup at competitive pricing.

Reduce IT Management Costs: DRFortress can ease the burden of your IT staff by automating IT management services. This will increase productivity and enable these specialists to focus on core strategic business initiatives. DRFortress also offers Remote Assistance services with our dedicated onsite operations team. We can perform the tasks that your IT personnel are not able to handle, especially during pandemics and restricted travel times.

The DRFortress Hawaii data center is successfully managed by an operations team with 100+ cumulative years of experience. Using our collective knowledge and experience, DRFortress can show you how to cut business costs and risks with IT outsourcing.

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