Cloud Storage Services

Our cloud storage solutions are designed specifically for organizations seeking high-level security, reliability and redundancy levels for their IT systems and data. Our cloud storage solutions allow you to eliminate the costs associated with physical storage systems and tape silos, and immediately start taking advantage of usage-based pricing with no upfront costs.

We deliver battle-hardened, proven generation technology which enables you to handle the proliferation of unstructured files, comply with regulatory requirements, and satisfy backup needs, while taking advantage of:

  • Usage-based pricing
  • No upfront capital expenditure costs
  • Guaranteed service level agreements
  • Elastic flexibility
  • Multi-level data and physical security
  • One flat monthly rate for unlimited uploads, downloads, and replication
  • Flexible billing options
  • No maintenance or technology refresh costs
  • Cloud WebApp Customer Portal enables caps on resource spending/utilization as needed by department/end-users
  • Neutral platform & networking capabilities
  • 24×7 availability of your data
  • Unparalleled data integrity:
    • RAID 6, striping files to 3 separate discs to ensure data integrity
    • File copy or transfer is validated against a stored MD5 hash to verify that the additional copy has not been corrupted in transit

Ready to make the switch? Easily migrate your files directly to the DRFortress Cloud Storage Network without having to pay inbound bandwidth charges.

To learn more details about DRFortress’ Cloud Services, download the DRFortress Cloud Services Overview.

To start using DRFortress Cloud Services, select Sign Up – START MY CLOUD and transfer to our Cloud WebApp Customer Portal.