Cloud Storage Services for Hawaii Businesses

Cloud storage services offer valuable IT solutions for businesses of all sizes that are versatile, secure and affordable. DRFortress has partnered with Stellar Technologies to offer cloud storage, back-up (BaaS) and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

Cloud Storage and Back-up as a Service

A cloud storage service maintains and manages its customers’ data whiling making that data accessible over a network, primarily the internet.

Cloud storage works by storing data on remote servers, where it can be maintained, managed, backed up and accessed remotely. Data stored in the cloud is accessible by any device at any time. Even though the data is easily accessible, data stored in the cloud is extremely safe and secure.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster recovery takes data protection beyond basic file recovery. With Orion’s DRaaS platform, powered by VMware and Veeam, our team of engineers can fail over your entire IT infrastructure environment in minutes, should an inevitable disaster occur.

Advantages of Cloud Storage Services for Businesses

Hawaii businesses can greatly benefit from the family of cloud storage, back-up and DRaaS solutions offered via our partnership with Stellar Technologies Orion services. The benefits include:


  1. Cost savings. Cloud storage is extremely cost-effective. It saves you spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to maintain your physical servers each month. You only have to pay for what you need in the cloud. Cloud storage adapts to your business needs as you scale and costs a fraction of the price.
    When you move your business to the cloud, you won’t need expensive in-house IT systems, excessive hardware or maintenance. You can save thousands of dollars on utilities simply by replacing a few physical storage servers with virtual, cloud-based alternatives.
  2. Save IT resources. Adding new technology, software or servers can strain your IT department. Moving to cloud storage removes on-site responsibility and can trim your IT budget.
  3. Protect against disaster. Only 6% of companies survive for more than two years after experiencing significant data loss. Cloud storage protects your valuable data from server failures, natural disasters, employee errors and more. The DRFortress facility is located outside of the flood and extended tsunami zones. As a result, we provide peace of mind to our customers with our reliable connectivity and cloud storage services.
  4. Improve flexibility and agility. With cloud storage, you can access data and documents from anywhere, any time. Cloud storage services deliver the flexibility for collaboration and the agility to access files from multiple and remote locations.
  5. Convenience. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Cloud storage saves your business physical space and frees up employees to focus on other tasks. A cloud storage provider, like DRFortress, will maintain, manage and support your solution.
  6. Security. Instead of having hardware in your office, cloud storage is housed in the DRFortress data center with enterprise-level security. Your data is backed up to multiple servers in the cloud, so your data stays safe.
  7. Real-time mobile collaboration. Working from multiple devices, like your phone, tablet or desktop computer is simple and secure. The newest version of your document is stored in the cloud and is easily accessed from any of your devices.
  8. Scalable. With cloud storage, you pay for what you use, as you use it. Easily modify your cloud storage services based on your business needs.
  9. Increased productivity. The real-time collaboration features available with cloud storage services increase the productivity of your employees and streamlines operations with file sharing. Whether it’s Google Drive, Office 365, or other collaboration tools, file storage and teamwork become easier.
Cloud Storage Services