Cloud Connect

The future of Hawaii businesses is at the forefront of the DRFortress mission. We know that for our island businesses to thrive they need a connection that is fast, secure and affordable.

DRFortress’ Cloud Migration & On-Ramp Solution via Cloud Connect enables customers to remotely access any public cloud provider and effortlessly on-ramp to their cloud applications and services.

It is the first cloud direct connection from Hawaii into the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric® locations in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley to provide Hawaii businesses high-speed, reliable, secure cloud access, while lowering latency, cost and risk into the cloud.

Cloud Connect – the Future of Hawaii Businesses

As Hawaii businesses embrace the edge and understand the opportunity to truly drive value and positively impact business outcomes, their desire for reliable connectivity, security, and a global reach to remain relevant continues to swell.

It’s a critical time for the Hawaii business community to be able to access their data remotely, safely, and efficiently to ensure business continuity. Now, more than ever, local businesses rely on technology, infrastructure, and flexibility to stay afloat and DRFortress is answering the call.

DRFortress is proud to be the first provider in Hawaii to offer Cloud Connect, a much-needed cloud solution. Cloud Connect extends Hawaii businesses to the edge with a secure private line to public clouds.

This direct connect access is ideal for customers in Hawaii contemplating a hybrid cloud infrastructure or a low-risk first step into the public cloud realm via a simple on-ramp service without compromising IT infrastructure security, reliability, or latency for their critical applications.

Cloud Connect allows Hawaii businesses to be able to extend their global reach and access the world’s largest cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud, and other cloud, network, and content service providers via a single port.

The direct connect solution enables lower latency, improved network performance, and significant network connectivity cost savings by utilizing one single Layer 2 network circuit for both high-speed connectivity from 1G to 10G service and a simple cross-connection to any public cloud.

Cloud Connect helps close the gap with major markets by providing private cloud on-ramp connections at the network edge. Your business can connect to cloud services — easily, quickly and securely — right from your DRFortress data center.

Did you know Cloud Connect helps you go green? Cloud technology is an infinitely scalable platform, and it actively optimizes your cloud processing needs up and down as your needs change. This means that you are only using the computing energy you need at the moment, as opposed to a constant level of energy use which can waste energy and thus result in more carbon emissions.

DRFortress plans to add additional direct cloud connections for customers in Hawaii to reach any of the 45+ ECX Fabric locations across the globe, including New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

Extend Your Global Reach
  • DRFortress Cloud Connect extends the edge to businesses in Hawaii with a secure private line to your choice of public clouds through a dedicated port.
  • The high-speed, secure, and direct connection from the world-class DRFortress data center in Hawaii links to the Equinix LA facility and Equinix Silicon Valley Cloud Fabric location in California.
  • Direct cloud connections are available to access any of the 45+ Equinix global metro cloud fabric connections, including New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.
DRFortress Cloud Connect Graphic


This Layer 2 network solution will deliver the most reliable
access to these public cloud providers and other cloud networks.

DRFortress Cloud Connect Benefits
  • Lower Connectivity Costs Up to 50% – Immediately reduce your network costs by utilizing a single direct connect.

  • Highly Secure, High-Speed Access – Connectivity to all major cloud and content providers via a highly secure and high-speed Layer 2 connectivity access instead of utilizing the less secure public internet to access your critical cloud-based applications.

  • Improved Productivity – Fast, secure and reliable connection to cloud-based applications creates efficiencies for your business.

  • Redundancy & Reliability – World-class network to network direct connectivity utilizing diverse NNI routes, multiple redundant telecommunication carrier circuits, and connections into redundant zones in the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric®.

  • Dependable Support & Customer Service – Our on-call operations team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with your cloud services.

    If you are a customer in Hawaii contemplating a hybrid cloud infrastructure or a first low-risk step with an easy on-ramp into public cloud services, we invite you to learn more about Cloud Connect by reaching out to our team at or click the button below.