Cloud Computing Services

DRFortress has partnered with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (laaS) providers CloudSigma and Stellar Technologies along with many local private cloud providers to offer a cloud computing option that is designed to power all of your company’s servers and applications in your own secure private cloud network–all while giving you greater flexibility and transparency over your IT capabilities and costs.

You have the option and ability to either instantaneously provision and configure virtualized cloud servers on an as-needed basis while paying only for what you actually use or utilize our professional services and have a dedicated team to help manage your entire cloud migration.

From root-level access of your cloud infrastructure to metered service with secure online utilization monitoring, bursting and subscription-based billing, and neutral platform and networking capabilities, DRFortress offers virtually unlimited flexibility to help you expand and enhance your IT operations while saving your organization valuable time and money.

DRFortress along with our cloud solutions partners offer:

  • Improved local performance based on solid state drives delivering the fastest storage options available in Hawaii all at spinning disk prices
  • Reduced up-front and on-going costs – provision and pay-for-what-you-use
  • Improved flexibility, operational reliability and stability backed by guaranteed SLAs
  • Increased security and compliance

To learn more details about DRFortress’ Cloud services, download the the DRFortress Cloud Services Overview.

To start using DRFortress Cloud Services, select Sign Up – START MY CLOUD and transfer to our Cloud WebApp Customer Portal