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Cloud Storage Solutions - One Size Does Not Fit All

DRFortress offers a cloud storage service designed from the ground up for the enterprise. As business data continues its relentless growth, building complex, tiered storage architectures is no longer practical. Nearline storage is not cost-effective for burgeoning file archives, and tape storage cannot satisfy compliance demands for rapid data access. To meet the challenges of distributed content & collaboration, backup and archival, enterprises require DRFstorage services for a purpose-built cloud storage solution with standards-based access, robust security, and uncompromised availability.

DRFortress offers both Enterprise and Standard storage deployment options with the DRFstorage solutions – to precisely meet your business needs.

Enterprise Service Solution

The DRFortress Enterprise Service offers a dedicated solutions team to help you determine the best cloud storage option to meet your business objectives, how to integrate it into your infrastructure and support you during integration. Pricing packages are customized based on your requirements with an invoiced billing method to ensure predictability in the fees paid.

Self Service Solution

The DRFortress Self Service solution is for smaller storage requirements offered on a pay-as-you-go method. Billing is handled via credit card and support is handled via e-mail or through the DRFortress Technical Support. 

Enterprise Service
Self Service
Storage Limit unlimited 2 TB
(over limit requires a contract)
Access Options
DRFortress Web Services API    
DRFortress CloudNAS    
Integration Service  "  
Eligible for Solutions Support Services    
Custom Pricing Packages  
(discounted based on commitment)
Billing Method invoiced credit card
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