Cloud Compute

Cloud Benefits

DRFortress has partnered with CloudSigma to deliver true Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) cloud computing and storage services. 

We have combined the benefits of a private cloud solution along with the features offered via the public cloud infrastructure design to deliver unparalleled services and performance.

Benefits of the True IAAS Solution Offered by DRFortress

DRFortress’ Cloud Services will help you extend and enhance your IT operations, while saving your organization valuable resources - time and money. 

Computing Power at Your Fingertips – experience the unlimited flexibility of root-level access to your cloud infrastructure with the ability to maintain complete control of your operating system, instantaneously provision virtual machines, and elastically scale (increase and decrease) computing and storage disk resources.   

Many service providers claim to offer public cloud computing services, however, what you really experience is your cloud service provider’s manual intervention to make resource capacity or configuration changes or creation of new virtual machines.  In fact, your business may have limited and no access to the cloud infrastructure system to make any modifications to your resources.  With DRFortress’ Cloud Services, you have full control of your cloud environment and are able to instantaneously and flexibly scale your CPU, RAM, and disk space to meet your exact requirements at the exact time you need them!

True Metered Service with On-line Monitoring of Resource Utilization – via your dedicated, password protected access to the Cloud WebApp Customer Portal, you will have ability to monitor the utilization of all your computing and storage resources.  The portal allows complete transparency and true “pay-as-you-use” metered service available in the cloud infrastructure system.  Users have access to logs and reports for various aspects of resource utilization via system status snapshots (taken at 5-minute intervals). Subscription-based pricing is also available with significant discounts.

In addition, the Cloud WebApp Customer Portal allows root access so cloud administrators are able to place restrictions or caps on resource spending/utilization as needed by department/end-users.   This feature allows organizations to limit what they are spending on outsourced cloud services while continuing to provide downstream flexibility and provides a powerful planning and budgeting tool for future projects powered on the DRFortress Cloud System.

Flexible Billing Options - DRFortress is able to provide flexible billing options and negotiable contract terms.  Regardless of whether your organization requires a fixed-monthly bill based on provisioned resources, wants to be pay only for resources that are being utilized, or even chooses to pre-pay for a capped level of computing and storage services, the system will track and report on your true capacity usage.   Resource utilization can be monitored, controlled, and reported, providing true transparency for the both the provider and consumer of the utilized service.  Billing options and contract terms are independent of the system logging/reporting functionalities and can be established based your exact IT organizational needs.

Neutral Platform & Networking Capabilities – Customers can take advantage of several features that provide unlimited flexibility such as the ability to run nearly any x86 compatible operating system including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Solaris, upload/download their own disk images and host their own IP ranges.  In addition, the powerful private networking offers:

  • supports all TCP/IP traffic types including multicast and broadcast;
  • allows creation of multiple private VLANs per virtual machine to segment network traffic instantaneously;
  • connect to physical storage segregated by VLANs;
  • ability to set-up multiple environments in the same account to manage multiple end-users or departments;
  • supports unlimited options for connectivity into their cloud environment. 

DRFortress Customers have the ability to maintain multiple storage and networking interfaces per virtual machine which allows users to establish a private line or point-to-point access from your choice of carrier or ISP or be directly connected to your equipment hosted at DRFortress.

To learn more details about DRFortress’ Cloud Services, download the DRFortress Cloud Services Overview.

To start using DRFortress Cloud Services, select Sign Up – START MY CLOUD and transfer to our Cloud WebApp Customer Portal.