Request Registration

    Request New Customer Facility Access & Registration
    New customers/customer representatives are welcome to schedule a New Customer Facility Access and Iris System Registration during normal business hours 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday-Friday. In order to gain access to the colocation customer area a new customer or any new representative must be registered on the Iris Recognition System and be issued scramble pad access code. A DRFortress Support Team representative will assist customers with this registration process, provide a tour of the facility and answer any questions during this 30-minute registration appointment. Please provide at least 24 hour notice to make a New Customer Registration appointment. DRFortress will do it’s best to accommodate last minute requests on a first come, first available basis.

    Please complete the required information and a DRFortress Support Representative will contact you via email to confirm your New Customer Facility Access and Iris System Registration appointment.