Proven Data Center, Cloud and Colocation Leader in Hawaii
  • DRFortress is the largest carrier-neutral data center and cloud services provider operating in Hawaii.
  • DRFortress’ word-class data center is a 65,000+ square foot facility serving Hawaii and the Pacific since 2006 with 800 racks available for colocation.
  • DRFortress is Hawaii’s largest data center operator, providing mission critical services in support of the Hawaii economy and trans-Pacific data networks.
  • For over 16 years, DRFortress has been providing network neutral colocation and cloud services to enterprises, content companies, system integrators, carriers, wireless service providers, cable companies and ISPs.
  • DRFortress data center houses the densest concentration of major IP carriers in Hawaii.
  • DRFortress is the largest commercial Internet Exchange hub in Hawaii.
  • DRFortress is the primary peering point in Hawaii for major wireline and wireless carriers, enterprises, cable companies and ISPs.
  • The DRFortress team has over a century of cumulative data center experience and maintains direct management, oversight and maintenance of our facility’s infrastructure systems.
  • DRFortress has  complete control over our data center and does not rely on third parties to maintain the facility.
Protected & Resilient
  • The DRFortress facility resides well outside the state of Hawaii flood and tsunami evacuation zones, as well as the new extended or “extreme” tsunami evacuation zones.
  • DRFortress ensures your mission-critical data and systems are well-protected and your business’ IT operations continue uninterrupted in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. 
  • The DRFortress facility has been significantly hardened against earthquakes and hurricanes.
  • The DRFortress data center has an average uptime of 99.9996% for over 16 years.
  • The DRFortress facility has 24/Forever Security with on-site, fully staffed security 24x7x365.
A Trusted Business Resource
  • DRFortress enables customers to deploy mission critical systems and applications, while lowering the financial and resource burden of maintaining, powering and securing their IT systems.
  • DRFortress offers enterprise-level usage based (pay-as-you-use) cloud computing and cloud storage services in addition to resilient data center solutions.
  • DRFortress offers a resilient, economical and scalable enterprise-class solution for your vital IT infrastructure.
  • DRFortress creates green, efficient tailored IT solutions to meet your power needs with the ability to grow with demand and without costly upgrades.