Channel Partner Program

Channel Partner Program Tiers

DRFortress’ channel partners include companies such as value-added-resellers, system integrators, IT consultants, independent vendors, and master referral agents. As a partner, we are committed to your success and will provide you with the tools, training, support, and resources you need to advance your business and increase your revenue. 

We understand that each partner has different market focuses and resources, thus we offer custom-fit solutions to meet your requirements and budget. 

The DRFortress Channel program is comprised of the following three tiers so each partner can select how you go to market, receive compensation, support your clients and have the flexibility to choose the tier based on specific opportunities or customer individual requirements.

  • Referral Agent
  • Reseller Partner
  • Premier Service Partner

Select the Channel Program Tier that Best Fit Your Business Opportunities

The Channel Partner Programs tiers allow for flexible deal registration, referral fees, teaming agreements, marketing assistance, technical support, demo software and sales support.

Increase Top Line Revenue Without Upfront Capital Commitments

With the DRFortress Channel Partner Program, solution providers can differentiate from their competitors, drive value creation to new and existing clients and enhance profitability. Take advantage of these differentiating drivers to promote your business: 

  • Incremental revenue opportunities – offer new solutions for new markets via DRFortress’ portfolio of service offerings
  • Opportunity to stake your position in the multi-billion dollar cloud market – offer value-added services such as cloud computing or cloud storage on top of your professional and managed service offerings
  • Complement your existing data center – offer off-site data center services, disaster recovery planning solutions, or back-up site services via the DRFortress data center - Hawaii’s largest commercial and only carrier-neutral data center
  • Address customers' increasing requirements for IT as a service model: deliver upon the long-standing customer desire for pay-by-the-drink pricing
  • High retention, high growth and annuity based revenue stream: get monthly recurring revenue for years instead of just a one-time deal from your customer       

Committed to Your Success

As a partner, we are committed to your success and will provide you with the tools, training, support, and resources you need to advance your business and increase your revenue.

The DRFortress Channel Partner Program benefits include:

  • Packaged Solutions: Offer your customer a packaged colocation or cloud-based solution along with your core services
  • Flexibility & Choice: Provide your customers choice of multiple carriers, local peering and local cloud-based computing and storage options
  • Direct Access: As a partner, you get direct access to the DRFortress Technical Support staff to help answer your questions
  • Sales Assistance: DRFortress will help your sales team by providing tours, demos, creating custom sales materials, etc. 
  • Training: Receive in-depth training on our colocation, cloud computing and storage services
  • Marketing Support: Access the library of marketing content to co-brand and educate your customers on the various enterprise-level solutions
  • Financial Incentives: Receive financial incentives such as monthly commissions and marketing funds to drive more sales of enterprise-grade colocation, cloud computing and storage services.