Top 10 Hurricane Season Tips for Hawaii Businesses

The 2021 Pacific hurricane season is already here – running from June 1 through November 30.

While all eyes are on the weather, businesses and network operators in Hawaii are focused on safeguarding their critical data to keep business operations up and running in the event of a natural disaster. 

If you haven’t secured your business with a disaster recovery (DR) plan, don’t wait for the threat of a dangerous storm before taking action.

DRFortress, the largest data center in Hawaii, takes DR and business continuity (BC) very seriously – and we want to make sure all Hawaii businesses are prepared. 

DRFortress reviews hurricane preparedness checklists and protocols yearly to ensure our own data center meets and exceeds stringent physical and safety readiness requirements. 

We created an extensive Hurricane Preparedness Guide with recommendations to maintain business continuity and protect critical infrastructure while keeping employees safe. The guide features tips to protect your company’s critical data and infrastructure before, during, and after the storm, complete with employee training, emergency kit recommendations and printable hurricane preparedness checklists.

Top 10 Hurricane Season Tips for Hawaii Businesses

  1. Develop a written business continuity plan that includes hurricane preparedness and disaster recovery.
  2. Review your hurricane preparedness plan quarterly to make sure it is always up to date – especially if there are any internal or external changes to your business.
  3. Run periodic tests to ensure any continuity plans will perform as expected in the event of a disaster.
  4. Check with your local officials and incorporate any current information for your immediate area into your quarterly plan review.
  5. Verify that your business meets specified building codes and what level of hurricane category rating your current structure can support.
  6. Check to make sure adequate property and flood insurance policies are in place.
  7. Confirm your checks and cash can be transferred to a secure location.
  8. In addition to insurance policies, assemble financial records, tax information, employee records, inventories, and other important documents  – make sure these files are duplicated along with your backup data.
  9. Back up computer records and store them at a separate, secure location or partner with a data center facility, like DRFortress, that has redundant emergency power systems to safeguard your critical infrastructure.
  10. Test that backup data is recoverable in the event your business is impacted, or secure a vendor, like DRFortress, that will conduct this service on your behalf.

Click here to read more and download your free Hurricane Preparedness Guide for Hawaii Businesses.

DRFortress Keeps Your Business Up and Running During Hurricane Season and Year-Round

There are many things to consider and prepare for when faced with an approaching hurricane – the safety of your critical data shouldn’t be one of them. The local DRFortress team is highly skilled at disaster recovery and can be the partner you lean on to ensure your critical infrastructure is safe in the event of a hurricane. 

Our world-class data center is located well outside the Island’s flood and tsunami evacuation zones, as well as the new extended or “extreme” tsunami evacuation zones, ensuring your mission-critical data and systems are well-protected and your business’ IT operations continue uninterrupted in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

The DRFortress facility has been significantly hardened against earthquakes and hurricanes and is engineered with advanced and redundant electrical and cooling systems designed to support dense server and storage environments.

When preparing for hurricane season, partner with Hawaii’s largest data center with the longest record and hardened facility to ensure your critical data and applications are safe.

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