DRFortress Cloud Connect: Hawaii’s Highway to Public Clouds

We’re excited to announce our latest offering, DRFortress Cloud Connect, a cloud migration and on-ramp solution which enables customers to remotely access any public cloud provider, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and other cloud, network, and content service providers via a single port.

Customers will be able to directly connect from DRFortress in Hawaii into the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric® to provide Hawaii businesses high-speed, reliable, secure cloud access with low latency, low cost, and low risk into the cloud.

With DRFortress Cloud Connect, Hawaii businesses will experience improved network performance and reduced network connectivity costs by using one single Layer 2 network circuit with high-speed connectivity from 1Gbps to 10Gbps service and a simple cross connection to any public cloud. 

DRFortress is proud to be the first provider in Hawaii to offer this much-needed cloud solution. Our Cloud Connect solution extends Hawaii businesses to the edge with a secure private line to public clouds. This direct connect access is ideal for customers in Hawaii contemplating a hybrid cloud infrastructure or a low-risk 1st step into the public cloud realm via a simple on-ramp service without compromising IT infrastructure security, reliability, or latency for their critical applications.

We plan to add even more direct cloud connections for Hawaii customers via the global Equinix platform, including New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore and more. Stay tuned! 

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