Hawaiki Selects DRFortress As Hawaii Landing Partner

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND AND HONOLULU, HI, USA – AUGUST 22, 2016 – Hawaiki Submarine Cable LP, the New Zealand owner and developer of Hawaiki submarine cable system, has selected DRFortress as its landing and operating partner in Hawaii.
As part of its system architecture, Hawaiki will land its proposed 14,000 km trans-Pacific cable from Australia and New Zealand to the US West coast in Oahu, Hawaii.

Following the coming into force of the supply contract in March and the start of the marine survey in August, Hawaiki has achieved another key milestone of the system deployment by securing its Hawaii operations through a Landing Party Agreement with

“Hawaii represents a key market for Hawaiki and the demand for subsea capacity to the mainland US continues to grow at an impressive rate,” said Gina Bohreer, senior vice president North America of Hawaiki.

“In 2015, we made the decision to invest substantially in Oahu and purchased land in Kapolei to build our cable landing station, which will be the first open-access station in Hawaii. The next step was to select the right partner, sharing the same carrier-neutral philosophy, to help us build and operate the station. We look forward to partnering with DRFortress, who understands our customers’ requirements in terms of neutrality and choice for local connectivity and diversity.”

“The Hawaiki cable will be in service by mid-2018. We are confident that our open- access station will help to promote competition and create new business opportunities for our customers and the State of Hawaii.”

Fred Rodi, president of DRFortress said “We are excited about our Landing Party partnership with Hawaiki as it further advances our vision to grow the importance of the State of Hawaii as the digital hub for Asia Pacific. Hawaiki’s additional undersea cable
capacity will help to ensure Hawaii’s future as a content and peering concentration point.”

“DRFortress serving as the Hawaii-based cable landing station operator for Hawaiki is a direct extension of DRFortress’ core business services of maintaining/operating our existing mission-critical data center. DRFortress is proud to be Hawaii’s largest neutral data center provider. We are confident that our partnership with a carrier-neutral cable such as Hawaiki will provide our customers with additional choice in carrier connectivity options.”

About Hawaiki Submarine Cable LP
Hawaiki Submarine Cable LP, headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, is the owner and developer of the Hawaiki submarine cable system (Hawaiki).

Hawaiki is a 14,000 km carrier-neutral cable linking Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Oregon, on the US West coast. It will deliver more than 30 Tbps of capacity and will be the fastest and largest link between the U.S. and Australia and New Zealand. For more information, visit www.hawaikicable.co.nz

About DRFortres
DRFortress is a leading provider of innovative, next generation IT infrastructure solutions to meet the complex technological requirements of Hawaii’s businesses.

Through its world-class data center and comprehensive suite of cloud services, DRFortress assists both local and international companies with maintaining and securing their mission-critical systems and business continuity plans. DRFortress is the largest
and only carrier-neutral data center and cloud services provider operating in the State of Hawaii.

A former Equinix facility, DRFortress has been meeting the data center needs of Hawaii’s enterprises, content companies, system integrators, carriers, wireless service providers, cable companies and ISPs since 2006. DRFortress is proud to house the densest concentration of IP carriers in Hawaii and the only commercial Internet Exchange in the State. For more information, visit www.DRFortress.com

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